The Klipschorn Decorator Birch was a less-expensive unfinished version of the loudspeaker. They could be veneered or painted. This one has a Richard Modafferi-modified crossover and it’s next to some Audio Research components. Part of The Audio Classics Collection, photo by Howard Kneller.


    When His Master’s Voice speaks, people listen! 1960s HMV ad.


    Some bicentennial double listening pleasure – Spirit of ’76 by rock group Spirit, on Twin-Pak 8-track tape. It’s considered by many to be one of the band’s best albums.


    Custom installation, 1960s Populäre Mechanik style.

    3 comments on “Swept Away”

    1. I still remember the smell of 8 track tapes. It was probably the plastic housing outgassing but it remains a vivid memory 50 years later.

    2. I remember the Klipschorn Decorator Birch because I had this “finish” on my Klipsch Heresy speakers. I was selling audio as a teen and had to pinch pennies building up my first decent stereo. As they were so efficient with the horn midrange and tweeter, they sounded great outside and I didn’t worry about hauling them to parties. After I got married, it became necessary to have them finished with a removable grill.

    3. I have a pair of the Decorator K’horns.
      Built in 1973, with new crossovers in 2010 and I just replaced both mid and high drivers.
      Also currently playing around with some extreme slope active crossovers and am still on the fence regarding any sonic improvement.
      Spirit made some great albums.

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