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BHK Mono 600 Power Amplifier - Refurbished

BHK Mono 600 Power Amplifier - Refurbished

Price is per pair.
Our ultimate expression on the art of audio amplification
Designed by the late Bascom H. King, the BHK600 represents the culmination of a lifetime of dedication and design in a single breathtaking expression of pure audio amplification. Built like no other power amplifier in history, the BHK600 will stand the test of time as one of the finest power amplifiers ever crafted. From the pure brute force of its massive 1.6kva power supply smoothed by 336,000 microfarads of capacitance to the delicate beauty of its vacuum tube rectification stage, the BHK600 will bring magic to your system from the first moment music is played. For those unwilling to compromise, the BHK 600 represents the final step in building a state-of-the-art high-performance music system.  

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The inner details

Senior analog engineer, Darren Myers walks us through the inner details of the BHK600.
  • Design

    When we first proposed to Bascom the idea of an ultimate amplifier, one where he could do anything he wanted to without regard to cost or complexity, he laughed. "Be careful what you wish for." Three years later, and weeks before his untimely passing, BHK completed the 600 in time to hear the results of his lifetime of design encapsulated in a single product. The BHK600 is based on BHK's classic hybrid vacuum tube/MOSFET design, but that's where the similarities with the other amps in the series end. From an entirely new vacuum tube power supply input stage to the internal wiring relying upon heavy gauge low impedance braided cabling more fitting a Tesla than a power amplifier, the BHK600 is pure performance at every level. From the first note of music, you'll appreciate how a lifetime of designing some of the best amps in the world gave rise to this amazing performer.

  • Application

    The BHK Signature 600 Mono Amplifier is unique in all the world. It is the only fully linear power amplifier of this size that is fully balanced from input to output. Its hybrid approach of vacuum tube inputs for both musical signals and power to feed and heat its input vacuum tubes is not just rare. It is essential to the openness and delicacy of the music: capturing every nuance and detail of transient and harmonic content. This is the amplifier Bascom had dreamed of designing and we're honored to have given him the chance to show the world what he can do—and what he produced in the 600 is nothing short of extraordinary. The BHK 600s are perfect for any size system in the world, producing a minimum of 600 watts into 8Ω, more than 1000 watts into 4Ω, and stable, short-term transient power into 2Ω. Nothing will stand in the way of this 108-pound beast as it elegantly controls every aspect of the music into any pair of loudspeakers.


    The importance of the power amplifier in the 2-channel system chain cannot be overstated, yet it's often overlooked. It's the rare few music lovers that truly appreciate the power amp's critical role in preserving music's nuanced details, because most amplifiers fail to preserve them. Overtones from plucked instruments, subtle cues defining placement, depth, soundstage width, and transient decays are often lost in the power amplifier. Suddenly revealed are the tiniest of details that now ring clear through the BHK, perfectly preserved through its low feedback, vacuum tube and MOSFET design. When it comes to musically controlling and powering loudspeakers, the BHK Signature 600 has no peer. The Signature 600 monoblock amplifier is a no holds barred upgrade from its series-mate, the BHK300. Its 1.6KVA power transformer is twice the size of the 300 and we didn't stop there. The 600's 300,000uF bank of low-ESR high-grade audio power supplies caps is double that of the 300 as are doubled the output MOSFETs producing some of the lowest output impedance and highest damping factors we have ever measured. The control this amplifier has over the music and the system is unrivaled.

    • -3dB > 200khz
    • < 0.1% THD 20Hz - 20kHz AT RATED POWER
    • DAMPING FACTOR = 700
    • 108 LBS.
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    Specifications - BHK Mono 600 Power Amplifier

    BHK Signature 600 Mono

    Unit Weight 108 lbs [49 kg]
    Unit Dimensions 17.1” x 11.2” x 14” Chassis only. 17.5″ deep including connectors and handles
    Shipping Weight 120 lbs [55 kg]
    Shipping Dimensions 24”x 17” x 24”
    Color Options Black
    Voltage Options
    Factory set only
    Japan 100V
    North America 120V
    Europe/Asia/Australia/New Zealand 230V
    Mains Power Inputs IEC C14
    Fuse Compliment all Countries (internal) 4 - 15A Fast Acting 5x20mm type F250V10AL
    Fuse Compliment Mains (back panel) 100vac Countries
    1 - 2 amp time-lag H-rated 5x20mm
    1 - 12.5 amp time-lag H-rated 5x20mm
    120vac Countries
    1 - 2 amp time-lag H-rated 5x20mm
    1 - 10 amp time-lag H-rated 5x20mm
    230vac Countries
    1 - 1.6 amp time-lag H-rated 5x20mm
    1 - 8 amp time-lag H-rated 5x20mm
    Accessories Included US (NEMA 5-15P) (all versions)
    Schuko (CEE7/7) (230V version)
    UK (BS 1363) (230V version)
    Audio Inputs RCA (Unbalanced)
    XLR (Balanced)
    Speaker Outputs Gold plated copper binding posts (2 pair per channel)
    Other DC Trigger Input with pass through
    3.5mm 5-15VDC
    Warranty 3 years parts and labor on unit
    1 year on vacuum tube

    Power Consumption

    @Ready 75 Watts
    @Idle 225 Watts
    @Rated power 8Ω 950 Watts
    @Rated power 4Ω 1500 Watts


    Gain 26.0dB/30.5dB +/-0.5dB selectable
    Sensitivity for rated output power of 600 watts into 8Ω 3.5V/2.1V
    Noise 100-20KHz <-100dBV
    Input impedance Single Ended 100KΩ
    Balanced 200KΩ
    Output Impedance <70mΩ (20-20KHz)
    Frequency Response @2.8VRMS
    10Hz – 20KHz +/- 0.1dB
    10Hz – 100KHz +0.1/-3.0dB

    THD & IM

    1KHz, 1W/8Ω <0.002%
    20-20KHz, 1W/8Ω <0.01%
    1KHz, 200W/8Ω < 0.01% (120VAC Mains input)
    1KHz, 400W/4Ω < 0.02% (120VAC Mains input)

    Output Power

    Both channels driven 120vac mains, 1kHz, 1% THD
    8Ω 600W minimum
    4Ω 1000W minimum
    2Ω Stable for musical transients


    A major "Oh shit" moment

    Cranking up the title track on The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen is a major "Oh Shit" moment. I'm still getting used to the Peak Consult Sinfonias as the new reference speaker here, and they are a good, but slightly warm fit for the Pass Labs XA200.8s and Cardas Clear speaker cable that is my go to reference. 
    Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio Magazine

    The hair on the back of my neck stood up

    After break in I sat down with Gary Karr "Super Double Bass" XRCD24. LIM XR 007. My favorite selection is "Amazing Grace". The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I was blown away by the authority and depth of the 600's. I absolutely Love them and I am most happy with my investment. Then to contrast the power and depth of Gary Karr, I played Rebecca Pigeon on SACD singing "Spanish Harlem". Again I was blown away because her voice was so soft and yet right in front of me and I could hear every syllable of every word. Of course I played a lot more music but those are a couple highlights.

    I could go on

    The combination of the 600s with the FR 30s truly blows my mind! This is not just going from a 300 watt same company design to 600 this is akin to putting a decent receiver on a really good set of speakers,then switching to class A separates which as you can imagine sold aLOT of separates, but I digress this is just an amplifier upgrade which makes no logical sense?? I could go on about control detail,soundstage but I am talking about the trick to the magicians! Thanks so much for the opportunity to have these fine works of art in my living room! Even if I could lift either one of these pieces they are not going anywhere anytime soon! Here's to outstanding innovations

    Low level details being heard for perhaps the first time

    I would not call it etched but rather low level details being heard for perhaps the first time that add a sense of reality to the presentation. Kind of like what you experience when you first see a movie displayed on a 4k screen. When all of these improvements are added up, the BHK 600s represent a very significant upgrade to my system.

    Unamplified instruments and voices sound as close to the real thing as I have ever

    The 600's let you listen into the music more deeply, more realistically. The orchestra provides a good benchmark here again. Un amplified instruments and voices sound as close to the real thing as I have ever heard them and are better delineated in space.

    The soundstage seems bigger

    Percussion instruments jumped out right away as having much stronger attack. Then, the soundstage seems bigger and like each instrument or voice is more sold. Really excited.