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StellarGold DAC - Refurbished

StellarGold DAC - Refurbished

Once in a great while, an exciting new product design direction comes along that really sets a new standard for performance within a price range. Such is the all new StellarGold DAC, a product that will raise the bar for any digital to analog converter at anywhere near the price.
What makes the new StellarGold DAC unique is its use of multiple parallel DACs. Each channel of the StellarGold is built by paralleling 4 high resolution digital to analog converters, then feeding the combined output of these DACs into an all new discrete class A analog output stage. The results are nothing short of stunning. The use of multiple high-precision DACs to form one ultra-linear channel has the advantage of lowering noise and channel crosstalk while at the same time increasing linearity, dynamic range, and resolution beyond what any single DAC technology can achieve. One listen to this amazing new DAC and you'll know why it easily outperforms single DAC designs.

You have 14 calendar days to audition a Refurbished item from the date you received it. For more information on PS Audio Refurbished units click here.

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Octo DAC, Diamond performance

The StellarGold DAC is an extraordinary feat of engineering. By combining the outputs of four high-performance D to A converters for each channel, the StellarGold DAC achieves extraordinarily low noise and distortion that rivals any DAC at any price. Combine its state-of-the-art performance with its fully discrete, wicked fast, class A gain stage and you find StellarGold to represent one of the best sounding components in your system. Come learn more about this extraordinary DAC.
  • Design

    The new StellarGold DAC, with its advanced parallel DAC architecture, takes advantage of performance standards unavailable to single DAC designs. By using multiple DACs in parallel, individual non-linearities of each DAC tend to average out. This is because the probability of all DACs having the exact same non-linearity error at the same digital input value is nearly zero. The results are nothing short of breathtaking. One listen to this DAC, and you'll know it's in an entirely different category from others at anywhere near its price range.

  • Application

    PS Audio's StellarGold DAC can become the centerpiece of a high-resolution 2-channel audio system. Using StellarGold's balanced or single-ended outputs into our matching StellarGold preamplifier or, using its built-in lossless volume control, the StellarGold DAC can become the heart of a true state-of-the-art high-performance audio system at an affordable price.


    In high-performance audio DACs, employing four parallel DACs per channel offers a number of sonic benefits. First, it reduces noise through averaging, resulting in an impressive signal-to-noise ratio exceeding 127dB below the DAC's maximum output of 4 volts (balanced). When noise is lowered, and the individual non-linearities of each of the 4 DACs are averaged together, the results are an increase in the effective dynamic range (loudest to softest sounds) and an audible improvement in linearity and distortion. The combined resolution effectively surpasses that of any single DAC of similar design on the market, creating an extraordinary audio experience that only a few people have yet to experience. We can't wait for you to hear StellarGold in your system.

    • Four parallel DACs per channel
    • Designed around ESS 9038 Pro technology
    • Dead quiet signal to noise ratio of >127dB referenced to 4V RMS
    • SINAD >112dB referenced to 4V RMS
    • PCM to 768kHz
    • DSD to 256 (11.2mHz)
    • Exceptional imaging and soundstage
    • Discrete hybrid output stage
    • Fully balanced design
    • Multiple low impedance power supplies
    • Low jitter clocking
    • I2S, USB, AES/EBU, coaxial inputs
    • High slew rate, low feedback, class A output stage
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