PS Audio founder and CEO, Paul McGowan, writes a daily blog: short, informative, fun, often controversial, but always interesting. Subjects range from personal stories, how to setup your system, news of the day, streaming, vinyl, tubes, transistors, loudspeakers, holographic imaging and more. Kind of like the Car Talk of audio. Not much is sacred, and there’s rarely a mention of our own products.

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Paul's Posts

An amp's sound

Paul McGowan

We talk a great deal about the sound of an amplifier: warm, big, thin, weak, transparent, musical. Truth is, what we're hoping for is no sound at all. Not the...

Magical moments

Paul McGowan

Summers are a delight in Colorado. They are warm and dry with a fluff of white clouds floating against the deep blue sky.  Got home from PS Audio at about...

Controlling the tone

Paul McGowan

Remember back when we had controls for tonal balance? Bass, treble and sometimes even midrange. I recall several integrateds from high-end manufacturers that sported a full 5-band graphic equalizer. This...

The great reveal

Paul McGowan

One of the conundrums of high end audio is its revealing nature. The better the system the more obvious both the flaws and wonders of a recording. We sometimes refer...

How far have we come?

Paul McGowan

I was upstairs in the sales office yesterday rummaging around through our PS museum when I happened up one of our best selling preamplifiers of all time, the PSIV, circa...


Paul McGowan

David, one of our HiFi Family members, had a question about digital cables. It was one I hear all the time. Given that my unit is said to be galvanically...