Good Things Take Time

In our case, half a century. When it comes to the aspen FR30’s, we knew it when we heard it. We knew that we had finally arrived at the place we’d been working towards for so many years. At last, the ultimate expression of our sonic vision has been realized, and now, we get to share it with you.

A Floating Sculpture

How do you make a large heavy object seem weightless and design it in a way that anyone could envision in their living room? You align with an incredible design team like Studio 63 to help you bring your vision to life.

  • Advanced composite baffle

    Advanced composite materials in the aspen series front baffles offer sonic advantages in cabinet design. Their inherent stiffness and lightness provide superior resonance control, mitigating unwanted vibrations. The aspen Series baffles are precision-molded into complex shapes designed to help image stability and lower tonal colorations.

  • High compliance radiators

    High compliance passive radiators provide significant sonic and
    measurement benefits in the aspen Series loudspeaker by extending the bass response. Their high compliance enables them to move freely with the air pressure changes in the cabinet, which extends the low-frequency response.

  • Solid milled aluminum stand

    The rigid characteristics of aluminum significantly reduces vibrational energy transfer from the speaker to the floor, minimizing coloration and unwanted resonances that degrade sound quality. It essentially acts as a mechanical ground, ensuring that the energy generated by the drivers is directed into the room as sound.

  • Piano lacquer finish

    Offers elegance and sophistication reminiscent of a concert grand piano. This finish, achieved through meticulous layers of lacquer application and sanding, radiates a deep luster that that's both durable and timeless. Each reflection on its surface speaks to the attention to detail and craftsmanship behind the creation of the aspen Loudspeakers, making each piece not just an audio equipment but a work of art.

  • Linear magnetic woofers

    The ultra-linear magnetic woofers found in the aspen Series provide
    remarkable accuracy and control over low-frequency reproduction, due to their magnetically balanced design that allows the driver to move linearly in both directions. The results are extraordinary: less distortion, faster transient response, and a cleaner, tighter bass, even
    at high volume levels.

  • Planar magnetic drivers

    The principle behind these drivers—where an ultra-thin diaphragm
    is suspended in a magnetic field and excited to produce sound—allows for extraordinary transient and extended frequency response. With their low-mass design and almost instantaneous reaction to the audio signal, these drivers can replicate intricate details and subtle nuances, providing a lifelike, three-dimensional sound stage.

Literally Nothing Like It

If you want to make uniquely beautiful art, you have to start by creating your own paints. That’s why for the FR30’s, the decision to custom build every component was an easy one. The result is something that is truly a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

Drive With a Purpose

Each of our drivers were custom built with a singular focus on their specific function in creating a seamless image. Off-the-shelf transducers with broad applications couldn’t get us close enough to what we heard in our heads, so we made ones that could.

Form and Function in One Package

Equal parts beauty and brawn, the FR30’s cabinets were built to tantalize all the senses. Their sleek design helps them get through the door while the sturdy bracing and dense materials provide the optimal casing for the lowest vibration possible.

There's No Place Like Home

Loudspeakers are personal

No matter how great they look or sound in a dealer's showroom, the ultimate decision takes place in your home.

Setup is easy

Following our 1, 2, 3 step guide, your new aspen loudspeakers will be playing music within the hour.

Take your time

PS Audio offers aspen loudspeaker customers a full month to make sure you fall in love with these amazing speakers. If you're not happy, you can ship them back to us.

aspen FR30 Loudspeaker

The FR30 loudspeaker is a state-of-the-art full-range loudspeaker with extraordinarily low distortion, effortless reproduction, seamless tonality, and exquisite beauty. Come learn about this no-compromise loudspeaker.  

aspen FR20 Loudspeaker

The aspen FR20 loudspeaker is the latest in our state-of-the-art full-range loudspeaker system. Smaller and lighter than the FR30, the FR20 combines extraordinarily low distortion, effortless reproduction, seamless tonality, and exquisite beauty. Come learn about this extraordinary loudspeaker.