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There haven't been significant leaps in hi-fi recording technology since DSD was released at the turn of the century. Innovations that get us closer to closing our eyes and feeling like the musicians are right in front of us.  We love music too much to give up on that "lost cause", so our mission is to pick back up the torch of innovating and evolving the recording of ultra high definition music. Maybe we're a little crazy. No. We're definitely a little crazy - but in a way that can help all of us audiophiles get one step closer to being in the room, next to the artists, experiencing the pure essence of our most beloved art form.


Direct Stream Digital (DSD) is the gold standard format for high-resolution recording, and it has been since it was introduced by Sony in 1999. The only drawback with DSD has been the inability to edit it without losing information in the conversion process. That is until now. Our incredible engineering team has done the seemingly impossible and developed a conversion tool that reformats DSD to PCM without any loss. Zero. In case you're not tracking, that means that we are now able to record at DSD quality and edit with the unlimited flexibility of digital. Finally, the full potential of DSD is realized, and it's something that people need to hear to believe.


To make world-class recordings you need a state-of-the-art facility from which to record. One of the hallmarks of the new Octave Studios now under construction will be the implementation of a high-end two-channel audio system for monitoring and mixing. 

Octave Records is commited to producing recordings of the most extraordinary quality - recrodings that when played back on the world's finest two-channel high-end audio systems present themselves as if the musicians were actually in the room with you. 

Because of Octave Records' uncompromising performance standards, it is not possible ot use off-the-shelf-recording, mixing, and mastering equipment. We had to build our own from the ground up.

  • Building all new state of the art DSD A/D converters that capture every nuance of the musician's performance
  • Building our own 32 channel recording boards
  • Building our own 32 channel mixing consoles
  • Pure DSD through the entire recording process
  • All monitoring and mixing performed on state-of-the-art PS Audio FR30 full range loudspeakers and BHK 650 amplifiers. When it sounds right here, we're guaranteed it will sound right on your high-performance system
  • Custom designed and built vacuum tube analog based reverb systems
  • Recording room acoustically tuned for the most lifelike and natural presentation of music possible
  • All Audioquest cables
  • Bonnie & Taylor

  • Clandestine Amigo

  • Scabaret

  • TIERRO Band

  • Gasoline Lollipops

  • Carmen Sandim

  • Gabriel Mervine

  • Thom LaFond

  • Foxfeather

  • Augustus

  • Otis Taylor

  • Zuill Bailey

  • Jeremy Mohney