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Thom LaFond

A monumental work
Lawless by Thom LaFond creates a soundscape beyond anything we've done at Octave Records so far. The expertly done weaving of synthesizers, acoustic and electric instruments, and vocals is expansive in a way that will put any great audiophile system through its paces. From the deep bass tones on I Will Love You, the stereo sensation of windchimes on Survival Chimes, to the lush synth creation of Fifty-three Portals to The Soul, this album is a work of art that will reveal something new upon each listen. Thom LaFond and Octave engineer Jay Elliott have raised the recording bar with this synth-rock masterpiece. Not only is this an amazing musical composition, it is reference-level material that will be a must-have recording for years to come. Recorded in pure DSD256 on the Pyramix recording system, Lawless is now available on SACD and download.
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Thom Lafond

Thom LaFond delivers pure, unbridled emotion, backed with lush and curious arrangements. Fans of Pink Floyd, Tom Waits, & Elliott Smith will appreciate the sonic and lyrical worlds Thom creates. Transplanted from New York to Nederland, CO, LaFond is actively producing, performing, and touring nationally with his quartet Banshee Tree. 

LaFond and Chris Duffy started conceptualizing this record in May of 2022. The core elements were tracked live that summer. After the groundwork was laid out,  LaFond and Duffy filled out the arrangements with synthesizers, drum machines, and other instruments. LaFond’s lyrics were re-written several times over, as the story solidified. LaFond created Lawless around a cohesive storyline, with an intention to take listeners on the journey.

A note from the artist:

This album tells the story of a romance between human and alien.

While walking through the forest at night, the human encounters a magnificent shimmering creature. The human's immediate infatuation intrigues the visitor, and the two make a pact to love and protect each other. The initiation phase is blindingly beautiful. The toils and tribulations of an unconventional love begin to haunt the characters, as the world casts shadows on them. The time spent together in hiding offers a glimpse into the alien’s violent side. In a swift decision, the alien abducts the human, promising eternal life in space.

The trust is now broken. The human obsessively looks over their shoulder, constantly questioning their sense of safety. Life on the spacecraft is cold, mechanical, and lifeless. Newfound immortality feels more like a curse than a blessing, as lifetimes on Earth pass by. Transfixed by grief, the human mourns for friends and family they left behind. Jealousy overtakes the alien, and they direct their anger to the place that has stolen their lover’s attention. In a fit of rage, the alien obliterates the earth, silencing the heartbeat of the planet. The human is left floating in the nothingness of space eternal. When the smoke clears, there is a bright light trailing off into the distance. The alien is not dead, they have just moved on. 

01 - Lawless
02 - I Will Love You
03 - Survival Chimes
04 - How to Outlive the Sun
05 - So Criminal
06 - No Waves
07 - Folding The Universe
08 - Fifty-three Portals to the Soul
09 - I Thought You Died


Lawless was recorded exclusively at Octave Studios in Pure DSD256. Production Credits: Thom LaFond: Vocals (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9) Synthesizers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) Electric Guitar (1,2,3,4,6,7,9) Piano (1,3,6,7) Electric Piano (8,9) Drums (5, 9) Tambourine (1,3,8,9) Chimes (3) Acoustic Guitar (9) Kalimba (2) Backing Vocals (2,3,4,9) Chris Duffy: Electric Bass (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) Synthesizers (1,2,3,6,7) Drum Machine (2,7) Shaker (1,3,8,9). Katie Mintle: Backing Vocals (1,2,3,5,9). Emily Lutz: Backing Vocals (6,7). Forrest Kelly: Drums (1,2,3,4,6). Michelle Pietrafitta: Drums (8) Shaker (8). Enion Pelta-Tiller: Fadolin (5). Tom Amend: Organ (4,9). Jay Elliott: Drum Synth (1,5). Jonathan Galle: Tambourine (3). Produced by Thom LaFond. Co-Produced by Chris Duffy. Recorded by Jay Elliott. Mixed by Jay Elliott & Thom LaFond. Mastered by Gus Skinas. Executive Produced by Jessica Carson. Digipak Layout by Emilie Druss. All lyrics by Thom LaFond. Music by Thom LaFond (2,3,4,5,6,7,9). Music by Thom LaFond & Chris Duffy (1,8). String arrangement by Enion Pelta-Tiller (5). Artwork by Gwen Parysek. Special thanks to Rori Wootan for the alien love story concept.

Album Features

  • One pressing Austrian gold-pressed dual-layer SACD
  • Pure DSD + PROMastered CD layers
  • Pure DSD recorded on the Pyramix DSD256 system
  • DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD Direct-Mastered 176.4kHz 24 bit, 88.2kHz 24 bit, 44.1kHz 24-bit PCM download
  • CD layer of SACD playable on any CD player
  • Mastering monitored through the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
  • All tracks mixed on the PS Audio FR 30 reference loudspeaker in Octave Studios' Mixroom by Jay Elliott and Thom LaFond
  • Limited edition one-pressing physical media