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Audiophile Masters Volume VIII

Audiophile Masters Volume VIII

The Artist

Various artists

A rich musical collection
Audiophile Masters Volume VIII is the perfect blend of classical and modern compositions performed by world-class musicians. This collection of recordings has all the elements to perfectly showcase soundstaging and depth on any well-done audiophile system while taking the listener through a brilliant succession of musical pieces. From Alicia Straka’s original accordion composition Musette Souer, to the stunning voice of Russian soprano, Ekaterina Kotcherguina, on Three Early Songs, no. 1 by George Crumb and the expansiveness of the expertly recorded and mixed Magee String Quartet performing Four Pieces for String Quartet, Op. 81, MWV R 35 - III. Capriccio by Felix Mendelssohn, the variety of this Audiophile Masters is a unique experience. Recorded in pure DSD, Octave brings you the highest quality recordings. This limited-edition offering is available as an SACD or download.
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Audiophile Masters VIII

This reference-worthy album eases us into listening with Bubble by Miguel Espinoza Fusion. Each recording of Miguel on this album seamlessly brings forward the focal points of the songs and perfectly balances the interplay of instruments. The Octave Studios Steinway grand piano is showcased in two quickly moving and bass-focused pieces played by Dr. Jessica Nilles Kressin. The Magee String Quartet track is a standout as an example of perfect soundstaging, it shows the depth of the instruments, captures the room, while preserving the nuances and intimacy of each instrument. Kimberly Sparr, principal violist of the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra, gives us an emotional performance of precision on Tanz. The closely captured recording of this selection shows each and every detail of the viola strings. Alan Adair’s stellar performance of Il lacerato spirito brings the listener right into the studio with splendid realism.

01 - Bubble
02 - Musette Soeur
03 - Three Early Songs no.1
04 - The Bear
05 - Out of Doors Suite 1
06 - Nagi Yate
07 - Four Pieces for String Quartet Op. 81 MWV R 35 - III
08 - Tanz
09 - Il lacerato spirito
10 - La Tormenta


  • Steven Vidaic- recording engineer, producer
  • Paul McGowan- recording and mix engineer, producer
  • Jessica Carson- mix assistant, executive producer
  • Gus Skinas- mastering engineer
  • Emilie Druss- graphic artist
  • Recorded at Animal Lane, Lyons CO & Octave Studios, Boulder CO
  • Mixed at Octave Studios, Boulder CO Preamps:
    • Manley Force Vacuum Tube
    Recording System:
    • Sonoma and Pyramix 14

    Album Features

    • One pressing Austrian gold-pressed dual-layer SACD
    • Pure DSD + PROMastered CD layers
    • Pure DSD recorded on the Pyramix DSD256 system
    • Mixed at Octave Studios on the aspen FR30 loudspeakers
    • DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSDDirect Mastered 352.8kHz 24 bit, 176.4kHz 24 bit, 88.2kHz 24 bit, 44.1kHz 24 bit PCM available as downloads
    • No compression in the mastering or mixing process
    • CD layer of SACD playable on any CD player
    • Mastering by Gus Skinas
    • All tracks are hand-mixed on the aspen FR30 loudspeakers
    • Limited edition one-pressing physical media

    Record Reviews

    What a recording!
    This is the best Octave collection yet. Thank you. I downloaded it in DSD256 and my system has never been happier.
    A.K. Sanders
    The opening track, Bubble, says it all for me. I bought it after hearing that first track. Thanks!
    Thanks for this great collection