An album easy to fall in love with

Things Worth Remembering


Clandestine Amigo

An album easy to fall in love with

Things Worth Remembering is a heartfelt reflective album penned by the brilliant songwriter, Jessica Carson. With this second Clandestine Amigo release, Carson wanted the story of these fresh compositions to be told with new instruments and a different voice. As head of Octave Records, she rallied musicians including Bradley Morse from the Gasoline Lollipops, Gabriel Mervine and Tom Amend who are deep in the Denver jazz scene, guitar/pedal steel player Eben Grace of Grace Design, and Katie Mintle, a promising up and coming Denver-based singer who Carson discovered while creating Octave Record’s the Audiophile Reference Disc. This album proudly features Katie Mintle singing lead on three songs. Captivating melodies beautifully sculpted into some of the best music we’ve yet heard, masterfully recorded and mixed in pure DSD by Jay Elliott, this limited edition masterpiece is a must have.


Clandestine Amigo

Clandestine Amigo, was formed in 2016 and are one of the most sought after groups on the Colorado music scene. The band includes members: Jessica Carson (piano, synthesizers, lead vocals, backing vocals), Michael Wooten (a Colorado Music Hall of Fame inductee on drums and wisdom), Giselle Collazo (backing vocals) and Kyle Donovan (acoustic and electric guitar). For this album, additional musicians were Katie Mintle (lead vocals), Gabriel Mervine (trumpet), Bradley Morse (upright and electric bass), Tom Amend, (organ and flute), Jonathan Sadler, (vibraphone), Eben Grace (pedal Steel) and Jay Elliott (tambourine).

The Music

Rhythm of Your Heart
I Wish
The Over-thinker
If Love is The Truth
When I Feel Lonely
Things Worth Remembering
Burning Down The House
Let It Be
Run Forever

The Recording

The recording was brilliantly captured in pure DSD by Octave Records' engineer, Jay Elliott at Animal Lane Studios in Lyons, Colorado. The tracks were later mixed at Octave Records' studio in Boulder, Colorado on a 32 track Studer (formerly owned by Neil Young) by Jay Elliott and mastered on the Sonoma DSD workstation. Microphones used:
  • Coles 4038
  • Neumann U87
  • Neumann U67
  • ADK Z-251
  • BeesNeez LuLu FET KM84
  • Royer 121
  • AKG C24 as modified by Tim Paravicini
  • AKG C414
  • Audix D4
  • Sennheiser 421
  • Beyerdynamic M201
  • EV RE20
  • Manley Force Vacuum Tube
  • Fred Forssell SMP-2b
  • 2016 Grace Design M201MK2
  • Summit Audio TPA 200B
  • Neve 5012
Recording System:
  • Sonoma 32 track DSD recorder
  • Trident 48 channel monitoring system

Album Features

  • One pressing Austrian gold-pressed dual-layer SACD
  • Pure DSD + PROMastered CD layers
  • DVD data disc containing DSD64, DSDDirect Mastered 192kHz 24 bit, 96kHz 24 bit, 44.1kHz 16 bit PCM
  • Pure DSD recorded on the Sonoma DSD system
  • Mixed in analog on Octave Record's Studer analog console
  • DSD64, DSDDirect Mastered 192kHz 24 bit, 96kHz 24 bit, 44.1kHz 16 bit PCM download
  • No compression in the mastering or mixing process
  • CD layer of SACD playable on any CD player
  • Mastering monitored through the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
  • All tracks hand-curated on the Infinity IRSV in PS Audio's Music Room Two
  • Limited edition one-pressing physical media
Note from Jessica Carson
“For me,” writes Carson, “the title “Things Worth Remembering” is more than just the name of one of the songs, it captures the intent of the album. These songs were written about personal experiences, feelings, love and heartbreak that are long gone but worth remembering. It’s a collection of songs that bookends a certain time in my life.”

Watch the Video

Things Worth Remembering is a beautifully heartfelt album by songwriter, Jessica Carson. She combines great and original melodies with heartstring-tugging lyrics. Learn about the band, Clandestine Amigo and singer Katie Mintle, a new up-and-coming talent featured on several of the songs on this breakthrough album.

Record Reviews

Another knock out!
This band's first album is one of my favorites, but this latest release is another knockout. Better than Temporary Circumstances.

- JP

Great music
Thanks for the sneak listen to this great album. Carson's writing is classic.

- Rob W.

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