Parting Shot

    We C What You Did There

    Issue 160

    License to brag: taken at Pebble Beach Golf Links, California.

    5 comments on “We C What You Did There”

    1. Based on my experiences as a student, employer, business owner, and a husband of a 30-year teacher of middle and high school, this guy, a woman would unlikely have this license plate, does NOT now exhibit the same qualities of character that he showed while being a C student. The qualities of persistence, self-discipline, commitment to learning, passion, creativity, desire to improve, and optimism needed to succeed above others were neither shown nor addressed in his academic career.

    2. A lawyer?

      Based on the old joke about the “A” students becoming politicians, the “B” students becoming Judges, and the “C” students making all the money?

    3. I just saw a post online somewhere about a recent study that examined the school grades and adult economic circumstances of a large sample of the population, and they found that luck mattered much more than intelligence to the accumulation of fortunes.

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