Parting Shot

    Green Transportation

    Issue 154

    Owned by B. Jan Montana, this 1992 BMW R100R motorcycle sports a custom “John Deere Green” paint job. As he puts it, “In its stock black and grey livery, the bike might as well have been a Prius – everyone ignored it. But as soon as I painted it in John Deere colors, I became an instant celebrity. Everywhere I go, people ask me about it. They usually start by saying, “I didn’t know John Deere made motorcycles!”

    2 comments on “Green Transportation”

    1. Nice! Years ago at Deals Gap I saw one about the same year model with the tank and fenders painted in a darker green and yellow turtle shell pattern. Is that your current daily bike? I agree with the Prius comment, they do tend to be a bit boring in stock trim. I can’t say I’ve ever heard a BMW with a shorty exhaust but I’m willing to bet I’d like it even if it’s a little on the loud side.

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