Parting Shot

For the Forest and Further On

Issue 134

“When the wagons leave the city, for the forest, and further on...” Lyrics from “Theme for an Imaginary Western” by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown.

Located in Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park encompasses 277 miles of the Colorado River and adjacent uplands. The park is home to much of the immense Grand Canyon and its incomparable vistas, a mile deep, and in places up to 18 miles wide.

9 comments on “For the Forest and Further On”

    1. Let's see August of 2017, it was a bright sunny morning and my dog wanted to go for a walk and the rest we say was history.

      Chance is a rescue dog. I couldn't decide between her and another dog. When I went back to see her again, the shelter worker held an imaginary
      hand gun to her head, ( like the sheriff in Blazing Saddles ) saying it was her "Last Chance" she was gonna be put down that week because of no takers. Of course that sealed the deal and thus her name Chance.


      No sovereign inventor required to awaken
      this world’s fire bound within
      and unleash stowed magical benefit
      stirred by echoes of afterlife?

      That the selected spark may begin
      depends upon the providence of random?
      and not the discerning design
      of a master of the Nothingness?

      By Chance not intent these stars do spin
      chauffeured by accident and not a driver?
      through space-time spanned no end to end
      all things lack a soul contriver?

      Yet like the homing pigeons freed
      suspicions seek the source of gifted wings
      a quest toward that first ignite
      our minds advance before the flight

      ~ Michael E Cantrall

    2. Hey the Hawk takes flight into a night of free form Jazz somewhere in North Carolina only to land in the morning as a teacher to lift up the children with what you do best.

      Thanks Teachers each and everyone !

    1. Thanks, and wanted to make sure Jack Bruce and Pete Brown got the credit, as many people might not be aware they wrote it, considering that the Mountain version was more well-known.

  1. Hey Laszlo:

    You have a keen eye sir, absolutely there are burning artifacts added in post production and it caught your attention. A misty memory down the halls of history to match the lyric. You too are a sentient being, one who perceives and responds to sensations of whatever kind - sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell. Sentient ultimately comes from the Latin verb sentire, which means "to feel" and is related to the noun sensus, meaning "feeling" or "sense." A few related English words are sentiment and sentimental, which have to do with emotions, and sensual, which relates to more physical sensations. I am glad for what ever triggered a response and thank you for looking in, ... over my shoulder.

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