Audio Anthropology

    Crowning Achievements

    Issue 162

    A Fisher 440-T receiver circa 1964. By this time, transistors were starting to supersede tubes, and this 40 watt-per-channel model is the first Fisher transistor receiver. It’s known for having an exceptional tuner section.


    Fisher 440-T detail shot. Photos taken by Howard Kneller at Angry Mom Records, Ithaca, New York.


    A 1970s JBL ad with a springtime feel. We don’t know what those pieces of wood are all about, but would sure like to hear those speakers.


    One can only imagine the wealth of information contained in this 1959 Mullard publication.


    Sony transistor technology, 1962 style. Note that the TV runs on either AC or battery power!


    Howard Kneller’s audio and art photography can be found on Instagram (@howardkneller@howardkneller.photog) and Facebook (@howardkneller).

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