The chic way to rock out! Circa 1960s ad for the French Teppaz Oscar portable record player.


We guess he knew how to turn it on. AKAI ad, 1970s.


You know you want it! The Marantz Model 7C tube preamplifier. The 7C was the same as the Model 7 with the optional wood cabinet and was made for 12 years from 1958.


It didn’t make much progress…has anyone ever even seen a 7355 tube?

One comment on “Beam Me Up, Scotty”

  1. 7355 Harman-Kardon a-50 there is a start . To answer your question yes have handle a few . By the way I am listening to a 6900 bendix based preamp . Now there is one that few have handles . Enjoy your day.

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