Tape Heaven

Tape Heaven

Written by Paul McGowan

That big shiny aluminum turntable is a Triangle Art Signature, with two Triangle Art 12″ Osiris tonearms and ALL the extras!!!  Cartridges are a Triangle Art Zeus with mods,and a Benz LPS-MR.

Tape decks? To the left of the turntable is an Otari MX-5050 B2 2 reel to reel tape deck with mods; the two hefty “portable” units precariously balanced on TV trays are the two parts of an Ampex 351-2 reel to reel tape deck. For cassettes, I have a Luxman K-05 cassette deck, and a  Nakamichi 1000ZXL cassette deck.

I’ve also got a Luxman T-117 AM/FM tuner, Luxman MB-3045 mono tube amps designed by Tim de Paravacini with no holds barred/cost no object mods, PS Audio BHK Signature Preamp, PS Audio NPC phono stage, Thor Audio TA-3000 tube phono stage with mods, Isophon [now known as Gauder Akustik—Ed.] Casiano speakers, BSC SW-100 powered subs with mods, and LOTS of cables.

I am a human! That’s all you need to know about me!!!

What makes me so proud of this kit, is that it is TOTAL KILLER!!!  Every thing sounds REAL!!!  What else could I want???

[Maybe you could use a few more tape decks, Ken! —Ed.]

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