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    Octave Records Releases Audiophile Masters, Volume 1 Compilation

    Issue 136

    Octave Records has just released its first compilation album, Audiophile Masters, Volume 1. The hybrid stereo SACD disc features 10 new and previously-released tracks by a variety of Octave Records and other artists including pianist Don Grusin, trumpeter Gabriel Mervine, pop/female vocal group Clandestine Amigo and acoustic guitarist Bill Kopper, plus classical works by Mozart and Schumann and more.

    The tracks were recorded in pure DSD with the intent of conveying the music with the highest level of fidelity – and offering listeners an involving listening experience. PS Audio’s Paul McGowan noted: “we didn’t just want to offer an ‘audiophile spectacular’ disc, although Audiophile Masters, Volume 1 certainly is a state-of-the-art demonstration record. It was equally important to offer selections that were musically engaging and had emotional resonance.”

    Audiophile Masters Volume 1 is playable on any CD, DVD, or Blu-ray player. It also has a high-resolution DSD layer that is accessible only using a PS Audio SACD transport, or by copying the DSD tracks on the included DVD data discs. In addition, the master DSD and PCM files are available for purchase and download from psaudio.com by clicking here.

    Among the album’s variety of tracks: “Modern Art” by Bill Kopper leads off the compilation with intimately-recorded piano, acoustic bass, drums and percussion, and the acoustic guitar duet of “The Hitchhiker,” with Taylor Sims and Kyle Donovan, captures the nuances of both players’ instruments with detail and harmonic richness. Don Grusin’s “Willow Dance” conveys the weight and texture of a grand piano as played by someone with decades of familiarity with the instrument.


    (Excerpt from “Willow Dance,” Don Grusin)


    “Saffron” is a percussion-based track that offers wide dynamics, depth, and a wealth of tonal color. Vocals are represented in tracks like Clandestine Amigo’s contemplative “Flying Blind” and Clara Schumann’s “Sechs Lieder, Op. 23, No. 1 Was weinst du, Blümlein,” featuring the powerful presence of soprano Ekaterina Kotcherguina.


    (Excerpt from “Flying Blind,” Clandestine Amigo)


    Additional tracks, some of which have never been released previously, include The Milanese (string) Quartet, trumpeter Gabriel Mervin’s jazz ensemble, Carl Dixon’s percussion workout “Tambores de Natureza” and more.

    Audiophile Masters Volume 1 was recorded and mastered at Animal Lane, PS Audio and Moose Sound LLA studios using the Sonoma recording system. It features Octave Records’ exclusive DSDDirect Mastered 192kHz/24-bit process and 96kHz/24-bit and 44.1kHz/16-bit PCM.

    Here’s the track listing for Audiophile Masters Volume 1:

    1. Modern Art – Bill Kopper
    2. The Hitchhiker – Taylor Sims and Kyle Donovan
    3. Willow Dance – Don Grusin
    4. Feels – Gabriel Mervine
    5. Saffron – From Color of Sound
    6. Sechs Lieder, Op. 23, No. 1 Was weinst du, Blümlein – Clara Schumann
    7. Terra de Milagros – Bill Kopper
    8. Flying Blind – Clandestine Amigo
    9. Tambores de Natureza – Carl Dixon
    10. Milanese Quartet No. 6 in B flat Major, K. 159, Second Movement – W.A. Mozart

    For more information or to purchase Audiophile Masters, Volume 1, click here.

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