Repeating the "obvious"

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Repeating the "obvious"

Perhaps I sound like a broken record when I continue to emphasize the benefits—heck, the necessity—of proper setup. But, like my rants on the need for subwoofers in every system, I suppose it's a constant refrain you'll hear from me.

I recently received a plea from one of our HiFi Family members to release the Loudspeaker Setup Guide on red book CDs instead of SACD. That request had me scratching my head until I realized the person did not understand one doesn't need an SACD player to play SACDs.

Easy to understand. On the face of it, who wouldn't think you needed an SACD player to play SACD discs? It's kind of like requiring a record player to play records. It just makes sense.

The missing info, obviously, is that SACDs have always been designed with a dual layer. Layer one is a red book CD format playable on any CD or DVD player. Layer two is the DSD layer and here we need a special type of laser and processing electronics to retrieve that data.

But, most of you already know this.

It's just that sometimes I have to remind myself knowledge is hardly universal.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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