Stepping out into the unknown

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Stepping out into the unknown

One of the joys of going to a proper ice cream parlor is the ability to sample each flavor until you find exactly the one you want.

Why does tasting matter?

It can be very challenging to take a chance on something new. Something untested and unfamiliar. What if it doesn't live up to your standards? What if its synergy doesn't jive with that of your system's?

This is the reason we offer a no-hassle 30-day in home trial for any new gear you purchase from us.

You can research till the cows come home. And you can audition in someone else's system until your ears are ringing. But it isn't until you take it home that the rubber meets the road.

(How was that for a deluge of cliches?)

Whether it's an AirLens streamer or a new aspen loudspeaker, the ease and pleasure of playing with it in your home for a month has to be one of the best ways to know if its going to work or not.

Trying something new can be frightening, exciting, and everywhere in between.

The freedom offered by an in home trial is one of the easiest solutions to a time-honored problem.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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