January 17th, 2022

    The audio world has lost another legend with the passing of Max Townshend at 78. Born in Perth, Australia, he was the head of UK-based Townshend Audio and designer of a wide range of high-end products, including cables, the Seismic series of isolation products, the Allegri preamplifiers, plus loudspeakers and other creations. I had the pleasure of speaking with him one last time about a year ago in conjunction with an article he wrote for Copper Issue 124, “The ‘Sound’ of Speaker Cables: An Analysis,” and as always he was generous with his knowledge, unflinching in his beliefs, and a blast to talk to. RIP to one of the industry’s true titans.

    In this issue: Wayne Robins finds the Neil Young Archives to be a very deep resource. I cover Octave Records latest musical sampler, Audiophile Masters, Vol. III. Russ Welton asks: how loud will your speakers go? Don Kaplan chronicles his quest to find his Goldilocks audio system. B. Jan Montana becomes more enlightened on his journey to Sturgis. Ken Sander goes on tour with Wishbone Ash. Jack Flory ponders the power of Ohm’s law. Ray Chelstowski talks with folk-pop artist Eddie Berman about his exceptional new album, Broken English. Don Lindich tells us what CES 2022 was like. Ken Kessler comes clean with reel-to-reel tape hygiene.

    I talk with Gordon Stanley of the Spreckels Organ Society about one of the world’s most remarkable musical instruments. J.I. Agnew digs deeper into the world of record-cutting lathes. Andy Schaub has some audiophile plans for the new year. Rudy Radelic checks out a SweetVinyl record-noise reduction system. Anne E. Johnson enlightens us on the music of classical artist Carl Maria von Weber, and Motown pioneer Mary Wells. Tom Gibbs shows off audio demo tracks. John Seetoo pays another virtual visit to AES Fall 2021 and the psychology of hearing, and a listen to some heavyweight producers. Our A/V department caps off the issue with shrink wrap misadventures, a jittery audiophile, space-age audio, and green transportation.

    Staff Writers:

    J.I. Agnew, Ray Chelstowski, Cliff Chenfeld, Jay Jay French, Tom Gibbs, Roy Hall, Rich Isaacs, Anne E. Johnson, Don Kaplan, Ken Kessler, Don Lindich, Stuart Marvin, Tom Methans, B. Jan Montana, Rudy Radelic, Tim Riley, Wayne Robins, Ken Sander, John Seetoo, Dan Schwartz, Russ Welton, WL Woodward, Adrian Wu

    Contributing Editors:
    Ivan Berger, Steven Bryan Bieler, Jack Flory, Harris Fogel, Robert Heiblim, Steve Kindig, Ed Kwok, Alón Sagee, Andy Schaub, David Snyder, Bob Wood

    “Cartoon Bob” D’Amico

    James Whitworth, Peter Xeni

    Parting Shots:
    James Schrimpf, B. Jan Montana, Rich Isaacs (and others)

    Audio Anthropology Photos:
    Howard Kneller, Steve Rowell

    Frank Doris

    Paul McGowan

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     – FD

    Tour Happenings

    Landing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was a curious relief. It…

    Octave Records Releases Audiophile Masters, Volume III

    Octave Records has released Audiophile Masters, Volume III, the third…

    Choosing New Speakers: How Loud Will They Go?

    In our previous installment (Part Three, Issue 153) we determined…

    Eddie Berman: Broken English Puts it All Together

    When Van Morrison released Veedon Fleece in 1974 he introduced…

    Trawling Through the Neil Young Archives

    The Neil Young Archives (NYA) has a URL, https://neilyoungarchives.com/, but…

    The Spreckels Organ: A Historic Musical Treasure, Part One

    The Spreckels Organ is a remarkable musical instrument: it is…

    Back to My Reel-to-Reel Roots, Part Seven: Tape Hygiene

    If you’re a studio denizen or a seasoned open-reel tape…

    The Goldilocks Chronicles

    Streaming has become the most popular audio format. It’s convenient.…

    Deep Cleaning: The SweetVinyl SugarCube SC-1 Plus

    Ever since there have been records, there have been pops…

    AES Show Fall 2021, Part Four

    In the fourth quarter of 2021, the Audio Engineering Society…

    CES 2022 Show Report, Part One

    Returning as a live show after being held as an…

    Pilgrimage to Sturgis, Part 12

    Judging by the row of trees, I knew we were…

    Mary Wells: Motown Originator

    It’s hard to imagine, but there was once a time…

    Around the World in 80 Lathes, Part Four

    In previous installments (Issue 151, Issue 152 and Issue 153), J.I.…

    Audio Plans for the New Year

    A new year always brings New Year’s resolutions, and it’s…

    Ohm’s Law

    In Issue 151 (“Shop Class”), I made a note to…

    Carl Maria von Weber: 200 Years of Der Freischütz

    The year 2021 marked the 200th anniversary of Carl Maria…

    Pace, Rhythm, and Timing

    What Music Do You Play to Show Off Your System?

    On NewYear’s Day, my daughter and her family came over…

    On Our Radar

    Quad ESL-57 electrostatic loudspeaker. it’s missing its stands, but otherwise…


    Green Transportation

    Owned by B. Jan Montana, this 1992 BMW R100R motorcycle…
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