Walled gardens

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Our homes can be thought of as walled gardens; small private places where we spend time in our own world. And within those walled gardens many of us are fortunate enough to have music available through a system we're rightfully proud of.

Our systems sound the way they do in part because of the walls which contain them. Take your hi fi system outside and it'll sound different. Or, transplant it to your neighbor's home and it'll sound very different.

You already know how important speaker placement is. Where each speaker sits matters most because of its interaction with the walls surrounding it, and the elements within the room. Just think of how different the system sounds when you listen alone vs. having friends over.

Very few of us have dedicated sound temples, like Music Room One here at PS Audio.

For the most part, we rely upon, and deal with, the walls within our personal gardens. Walls that contain our lives and our music.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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