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Most real world home stereo systems are placed in rooms where circumstances permit, not necessarily where they sound best. The last system I had in a home the speakers were on either side of a long couch, their distance determined by the length of the furniture rather than achieving perfect tonal balance. That's just the way it goes in most homes. When I see an ad for a pair of Wilsons, beautifully shot by Dave on his Hasselblad, the scene is idyllic, but one most only lust after. For the rest of us, we work around what we have, a challenge made easier if you can imagine yourself adding a few portable diffusors. Diffusors scatter sound rather than absorbing it—a much more natural sounding process than sound's elimination. Diffusors are the best tools we have for helping our loudspeakers disappear. My favorite is made by RPG (their website sucks). These wooden beauties come in all shapes and sizes. You see them in concert halls and recording studios, though they are not for the budget-strapped Audiophile. If you're on a shoestring look for a pair RPG Diffractals available through their dealers or many times used. I have never heard these devices not bring great sound to a system.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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