Taming walls

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Taming the reflective nature of walls with portable absorbers like Tube Traps is like trying to keep a three-year-old's face clean—possible, but not always worth the effort.

Instead of trying to reduce or eliminate room reflections with absorbers I have found better results redirecting the sound with diffusers—bending the inevitable rather than trying to eliminate it, like a tree in a windstorm.

Diffusers come in a lot of different forms but the best takes advantage of what's already available: furniture, record albums, CD collections, books.

One of the better sounding listening rooms I had used bookshelves for diffusers. I populated the shelves with books from thrift stores and they were great: different heights, depths, widths, materials, placed at random.

In a word, diffuse.

Tomorrow I'll delve deeper into some ideas for you.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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