The problem with exuberance

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The problem with exuberance
As I waxed enthusiastically about my vinyl experience shared in yesterday's post, it never occurred to me I might have been divisive. That readers not included in the event might feel slighted or worried I was now suggesting a major shift in my long held views on DSD and digital audio, that vinyl's superior to digital (I am not). And that's the problem with exuberance. The energy and excitement of the moment are at the exclusion of the bigger picture. I suppose there will always be a downside to emotional reporting, which is likely why people like the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board speak in such muted tones using carefully groomed words. One hint of excitement or disappointment in any one direction could send financial markets soaring or plunging. Ours is an emotion-packed field. We work hard at coaxing out buried nuance and exposing our souls to the joys of home reproduction in the hopes of eliciting excitement—even exuberance. Putting a damper on the excitement meter is not in the cards for me. Now, where's that grain of salt?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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