Sharing noise

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Sharing noise
Few connection mediums have been more revolutionary than the internet. Where once I could only chatter and share what's in my head with my neighbors and community, now the whole world's abuzz with connection. And I am riffing on this today because of a recent comment to one of my Ask Paul videos about the differences we perceive between mechanical hard drives and solid-state hard drives. One comment: "Hogwash". Hogwash is a liquid slurry of food scraps and edible junk slopped into a trough for pigs to eat. Unwanted junk. With one word, one click of the mouse, we can discount and discredit entire chains of thought like walking into a crowded room and unleashing a virtual fart. We can also do the opposite. With one word, one click of the mouse, we can support, encourage, and educate those around us. When we share the noise in our heads in the virtual world, it's helpful to imagine the person you're interacting with as standing right in front of you, unprotected by the bits and wires that separate us. Hiding behind the internet's skirt is beneath you.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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