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Terms And Conditions

My fancy digital watch just asked if I want to upgrade to the latest operating system. Sure, why not? Maybe it’s better? Maybe it’s worse. I have no way to judge except to try it (knowing full well there’s no going back).

First, I need to agree to the Terms and Conditions which I have never read, and have no intention of reading.

Does anyone read them?

I imagine the terms protect the company if they hose your data or device. It’s kind of like the hold-harmless agreement you sign when renting a bike, only in the first case you hold the company harmless if they screw up, and in the second case, you hold the company harmless if you screwup.

Have the lawyers taken over our lives to such an extent that we have to play by their rules just to get to first base? Will there come a day where we sign waivers at restaurants before eating? Food poisoning can be deadly.

It seems to me that companies providing products and services have an obligation to their customers regardless of legal documents.

Maybe I am just offended because it has become more of a nuisance than a consideration. As I am firing up my new digital toy I just agree, agree, and agree again to God knows what.

What’s the point if I don’t know what I am agreeing to?

I suppose the burden’s on me to actually read the hundreds of legaleeze words I am agreeing to, but if I did I’d probably never upgrade a product again.

Perhaps the ultimate solution is to sign a general waiver for everything on the day we’re born.

It’d be a lot less paperwork.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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