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Machine love
I have loved quite a number of machines in my day: my Austin Healey 3000 (which I wrote about in my book), my Audio Research SP3 preamplifier, my Gaglia espresso machine, my IRS V speakers, my 8x10 view camera, my DirectStream DAC, my P20 Power Plants. We're all fond of physical things to some degree, but I suspect there's always a few we'd reserve for the emotion called love: perhaps a wedding ring, childhood toy, or treasured book. When I was very young I had a coveted stick (and it was a damned good stick!). The physical objects we fall for can be as fickle as the humans and pets we would normally categorize as lovable. How many times have I fell head over heels in love with one piece of gear only to ban it from my life a few years later? While it may sound strange to ascribe love to an inanimate object, I find it actually freeing to write about it—to shout out my affection for a few of life's treasures. Have you given yourself permission to love the machines in your life?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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