The Voice Of Music

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The Voice Of Music

RCA’s canine mascot, Nipper, was able to recognize his Master’s Voice through a crude phonograph. (The original painting by Francis Barraud was of Nipper sitting atop his master’s casket, the master’s voice back from the dead).

We all know the sound of the human voice, yet its exacting reproduction is often a challenge—which is why vocals are my favorite evaluation recordings.

If you take a look at my playlist on Tidal, or my published list of favorites here, it’s worth noting the vast majority are vocals. This is because while we can all agree on what someone’s voice sounds like, we might not have the same experience with musical instruments. Not everyone is familiar with the sound of an oboe.

Voices? Even dogs recognize them.

What’s your baker’s dozen favorite vocals for when that new piece of gear arrives?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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