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*Chapter 22 of my upcoming novel, Resurrection, is posted here. While life is certainly easier when we're able to put things in predefined boxes, those same box labels sometimes hold us back because it gives us permission to form opinions without direct experience. I was reading some of the opinions on our M1200 Beta Tester's comment section and couldn't help but notice the tendency of people to categorize their likes and dislikes. "I love the sound of class A amplifiers." "I like tubes but prefer solid-state." "Class D amps never get things right." It's normal to box ourselves in, and always a joy to read someone's revelation of a product achieving the status of being in "a league unto itself." This new "league" a few of the M1200 testers have remarked upon is, of course, yet another predefined box - a separate category that does not fit the standard mold. It's what creatives hope for when launching a new concept or design. Over the next few weeks, we will be delivering M1200 amplifier pairs to our beta testing group and they will be posting their observations on the forums. If you're interested in what league they are placing this new amplifier in, you can go here to read their observations. Stay safe.
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