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A talk with Walter Schofield of Krell

Well-known industry veteran Walter Schofield has been part of the audio community for over 40 years, having worked at leading manufacturers such as Linn, the Harman Specialty Group, SVS, and Emotiva. Walter is currently serving as the COO of Krell after accepting the position in September of 2018.That year Walter was also inducted into the […]
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The incredible Jimmy Smith

When Jimmy Smith was growing up near Philadelphia in the 1930s, he taught himself to play boogie-woogie piano well enough to win a radio-sponsored contest. He discovered the joys of the Hammond organ when he was in his early 20s, and soon became the go-to guy for area jazz bands who loved his sound. His […]
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Johnny Cash: American Icon

Johnny Cash is part of America’s DNA. In a way, he was a one-man melting pot. His rich bass voice could praise the Almighty as effectively as it could tell a tale of murder or make you laugh. He crossed the genres of country, rockabilly, folk, gospel, and rock and roll, favoring songs that amplified […]
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The incalculable influence of Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk’s influence on today’s pop music is so pervasive, the band is so historically important, and so much has been written about them already that doing an introduction here almost seems cliched. But for those who haven’t been plugged in: they more or less invented electronic pop music. As such, they’ve had an incalculable influence […]
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You’re grounded! Confessions of a setup man

Hum has no place in an audio system. It’s often caused by improper grounding. When I worked at The Absolute Sound from around the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s, eliminating unwanted hum was a constant struggle. (Well, one of many constant struggles but I digress…) Since the TAS systems were (mixed metaphor alert) audio magnifying glasses, […]
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We’re an American (prog) band

There are many more American progressive rock bands than you might think – and a surprising number are from the Midwest. The biggest, in terms of commercial success and recognition, is Kansas. If you only know their hits, “Dust in the Wind,” or “Carry On Wayward Son,” you really haven’t heard their progressive side. Of […]
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Beethoven begins

When did Beethoven become Beethoven? That is, when did he decisively put aside student exercises and astonish listeners with something quite different? A lot of us think we know the answer: In 1804, with Symphony No. 3, the “Eroica.” And that’s not wrong. The third symphony, longer, grander, altogether more powerful than any earlier orchestral […]
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The rise and fall of Rod Stewart

Born in 1945 in North London, Rod Stewart grew up listening to a variety of music, from Al Jolson to Little Richard. When he got his first guitar at age 15, he started off learning folk songs. That foundation in a wide range of musical genres has served Stewart well his whole career. There’s a […]
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