Mood changes standards

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Mood changes standards

When I am hungry I order more food than I should.

When a track of music floats my boat I often want to turn up the volume level—and when it sinks my ship the level goes down.

Our moods dictate our actions because we're emotionally based creatures (whether we want to admit to it or not).

As an engineer at heart, I often have delusions about my logical Spock-like approach to decision making, yet for the most part, I can see right through that. I choose my listening material more on mood than a genuine desire for enlightenment when it's time to voice a new product. I rely more on feelings than intellect when it comes to purchasing decisions—this color or that feature are really based more on gut than brain.

But that's alright. Just look at what we have for our passion. Music.

I can't think of a more emotionally based medium than music. Even art requires a certain level of buy-in when it comes to connection. Not so with music.

Music responds to mood and mood often results from our connections to music.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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