The value of libraries

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The value of libraries

The value of a library can easily be measured with only two metrics: its quality content and easy access. If you have 1,000 treasured record albums but cannot figure out where any of the best titles are located it has a lot less value than an organized version.

As we work on our upcoming music server, Octave, one of the keys to its success will be its metadata and what we do with it. A massive stored and streaming music library approaching 1 million tracks isn't of interest if you cannot easily and joyfully find and play what you're looking for.

Equally important is how that media sounds. Even the best maintained library isn't of much value if its content isn't what you're interested in or the playback isn't as good or better than what's on your discs or vinyl LPs.

Ultimately the value of a library is the same as what attracts us to a great restaurant: easy access to the best there is.

We're getting closer by the day to launching Octave but don't hold your breath. While we're still on for 2019 I predict the days will need to get a lot warmer before she peeks her gorgeous head out into the world.

Can't wait.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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