Making moves

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Making moves
After yesterday's disconnection work of the PS Audio reference loudspeaker system, the IRSV, it is now time to make the big move from Music Room Two to the larger Music Room Three. Physically, this is an incredibly difficult move, one where we risk damage to these classic beauties from the 80s. Or, worse, one of the 400-pound towers was to fall on someone. While this might seem a stretch I've had it happen to me while trying to single-handedly move a pair of Genesis One towers of the same weight. I thought I was being clever using a hand truck and that I could manage it if I were careful—something that turned out to be true until the wheels of the dolly hit a snag and I lost control. That tower took out a wall in the listening room. Emotionally, I was past the point of the feeling of loss I had experienced just moments ago. Once disconnected, I bit my lower lip and turned my fear into excitement. Here was a chance for something better to happen. Normally we take apart the wings and center tweeter and midranges. But since the move was just next door.... Well, I'll let this video tell the story.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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