The final result

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The final result

Now that you've watched the process we used to move and setup the Infinity IRSV speakers in Music Room Three, you're likely wondering what the results are.

Better. A LOT better.

First and foremost the bass is better. In MR2 we had some pretty severe cancellations in the low end. Cancellations so severe we couldn't make up for them with DSP on the woofers. In MR3 those are mostly gone and now the low end acts like it should powered by 12 12" woofers and 12,000 watts of power (well, 12 1,000 watt amplifiers though there's not enough power feeding them to get that total wattage number - but it does sound impressive, right?)

And soundstaging is now breathtaking. Wider and deeper than any IRS installation I have listened to in the last 40 years.

This was overall a really great move and so far I haven't found any downsides.

Thanks to my Son, Scott, for the suggestion.

As for the FR30s, I will tell you how they faired in tomorrow's post.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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