Tearing apart an old friend

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Tearing apart an old friend
PS Audio's reference loudspeakers, the Infinity IRSV, have lived with us for many years. Interestingly enough, the original installation of the IRSV happened 8 years ago to the day. We officially announced their completion on December 14th, 2013. If you're interested, here a link to a video that shows them in that original room. I am fascinated that more than 1 million people have watched that video. There they lived and served as our reference for about 5 years to when we bought our current building and moved them across the street. For those history buffs reading this post, you can watch this video showing how we moved them across the street. Now it is time to once again move them to what we hope will be their permanent home. Step one is to disconnect the speakers and I recorded this video showing you how we do that and what's involved. I cannot for a moment tell you that disconnecting these speakers was emotionally easy. It was not. Like disconnecting a loved one from life support. (I know that's over the top but I was not the happiest)
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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