Leaving change to others

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Leaving change to others

In 1997 I left loudspeaker company Genesis Technologies and went back to my original love, PS Audio. It had been a 7-year break in the continuum—one I really needed to get my act together.

Upon my return, I reimagined the company by building a new generation of products not yet seen in the audio industry, power regenerators. For nearly 5 years Power Plants were all we made yet I was still itching to get back to my roots in audio. Against all advice we reimagined the company once again, this time building both power and audio products.

Those wonderfully loyal PS customers who were against our return to audio had only the best of intentions when they offered us advice: "You own the power market, why jump back into the crowded field of amps and DACs?" For us, the answer's simple: we have always wanted to offer our customers a complete PS experience from the wall socket to our ears: power, sources, amplification, speakers, and the means to connect them together.

Our motivations for building what we believe will be the finest end-to-end system in the world have never wavered.

They are just taking longer than we had imagined. But then, that's always been the case.

It only takes a microsecond to form a dream, but a lifetime to bring it into the physical world.

It'll be worth the wait.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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