Natural sounding

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Natural sounding
Another word for musical to describe the sound of unadulterated reproduction might be natural. It's a good and reasonable alternative but I fear out of our reach unless we're willing to make drastic changes. Natural implies straight from nature without any intervention from us. Picking an apple off a wild tree might qualify, but listening to a commercial recording likely would not. In the real world we pluck an apple off the supermarket shelf and hope it tastes as good as that tree-ripened gem, but alas, it never does. If you're not making the recording and shepherding every step of the process through to your ears you're not likely to ever achieve true natural sound. Yet, maybe that's ok. Most of us are into our systems and enjoying their gifts for the magic they bring us. Music through a properly set up system is such an amazing experience that the notion it's not quite as good as being there pales to just the sheer enjoyment of it all. No, terms like natural and musical help convey levels of performance in conversation but aren't requirements for perfection.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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