The progress train

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The progress train

We're all passengers on the progress train whether we choose to be or not. It might feel like we can get off whenever we want, but unless you're living in a shack disconnected from the grid, deep in the woods, it's unlikely its constant forward push is going to leave you alone.

I can remember back when the age of digital audio was upon us and the many that checked off the train staying with their mechanical record players. That worked for a while until they wanted to purchase new vinyl, now recorded and mastered on the new digital medium.

They didn't really get off the train, in fact, I would suggest none of us can when we step back and take the long view.

And, that's ok because we don't really want to alienate ourselves from progress. Just sometimes it feels like it's coming a bit too fast for us to adjust.

The nice thing about thinking of progress as a train is you can get off at any stop and take a holiday before getting back on.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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