Hard headed thinking

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Hard headed thinking

I recently received a long and detailed description of why digital cannot work as well as the "real thing", analog.

In that description the writer posits that because digital is a numeric representation of the analog signal, it cannot possibly work. It will always be identifiable by ear.

Why? Because 1s and 0s are choppy like a film and film always looks like film—just as digital always sounds like digital. Or, so the reasoning goes.

When I replied back that at Octave studios I can switch between the live microphone feed and its digital representation and hear zero difference, the conversation came to a complete dead end. How could that be possible? By the writer's reasoning it cannot—therefore it either must not be true, or I cannot hear. Never a consideration that the writer might not have all the information correct and that his worldview might be based on either limited data or incorrect assumptions.

It is fascinating to reverse engineer our long held beliefs and current thought processes. To take them apart and have a look to see if they continue to resonate given new information and facts.

The easiest way out is to raise our defense shields and deflect incoming threats.

The most difficult path forward is to be open to change.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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