Courtesy cables

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Courtesy cables

I've been thinking. (God help us is the common refrain when they hear me utter those words).

For decades now we've been including a "courtesy power cable" with every product we make. This cheezy power cable is not something we want you to use ( and no, we cannot include an expensive after market cable because of cost and you probably have one anyway).

Yes, it can power the equipment. Yes, the equipment's specs will be met following its use.

But, I would never use this power cable in a high end audio setting because it holds back the unit's performance. What we want you to do is replace it immediately with your favorite aftermarket power cable.

So, why then do we include it when the owner's manual tells you to immediately replace it?

Why are we including something likely to wind up in a landfill?

I am think very seriously of breaking with tradition and eliminating it.

I know it's a bold move. But we don't include any throw away interconnects (think of those $0.10 RCA cables you used to get with a CD player), so why single out the power cable that we don't want you to use?

Thoughts? Opinions? Heart failures? Upset stomachs?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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