All knowing

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All knowing

I love that some folks think that because we've been building high-performance audio equipment for the past 50 years that we would basically know everyone and everything there is to know.

What's not so endearing is the occasional frustration and anger pointed at us when we don't have answers to specific questions, like suggested crossover settings on a pair of Vandersteens, or the appropriate connection diagrams for a Matrix interface, or a Roon setting.

Wikipedia list over 96 major brands of loudspeakers. I cannot guess how many more there are from country to country. And that's just loudspeakers.

The last pair of Vandersteens I had the pleasure of playing with were his original 2Cs from 1980 that had no crossovers. I had to actually read the instructional manual on setting up the Matrix interface in the studio, and Roon is getting as complicated and confusing as Windows.

It's flattering to have folks imagine we're overflowing fountains of knowledge.

Now, where did I put that instruction manual...?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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