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I love a good story. Always have. And few things bring me more pleasure than sharing stories, especially ones that are personal, or funny; exciting. When I am lucky enough to be invited to speak in front of a group of music lovers it's stories that I tell, ones I hope will resonate. There's no prepared speech, no points to be made, just the sharing of stories relating to the group. When I share a new product with you it's typically done so in the form of a story—one that's often filled with my personal excitement. Often, my over-the-top excitement can get me in trouble. A reviewer recently scolded me for too much "hype" and not enough calm and deliberate words to describe the BHK amplifiers. His criticism has merit—I rarely speak or write with calm. The very best communicators share their emotional reactions in ways that place readers in writer's shoes. And that's a goal I strive for—though rarely achieve. But skills or not, I think it's more important to share emotions when felt than it is to douse excitable flames in the interest of calm communication. Products that bring music to our home should evoke emotions.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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