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I had asked my readers for help saving an institution. Jazz 24, KPLU Seattle, was struggling for its life. Their sponsor was selling the station for seven million dollars and the new owners would have eliminated this great programming forever. A community based fundraising organization rose to the challenge and succeeded. One of the best radio stations in the world is saved. Thank you. The community to save Jazz 24 managed to raise seven million dollars in 4 months, setting a new record for the most money ever raised to keep a community radio station alive. Well done. If you like jazz, it's one of the best. Evenings and weekends they play the kind of jazz I love and rarely repeat any of it. A brilliantly programmed station. It is available worldwide through Tunein or Jazz 24's own website. Here's something unexpected. Terri and I now feel ownership of this station. It's weird and I don't understand why. We donate regularly to NPR but feel no ownership. Donating and campaigning for Jazz 24 just felt different and now I feel like an owner. Odd. My message today is simply one of thanks. Thanks for the support and thanks for the music.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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