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What's it really like to design a new piece of electronics? Of course it's different for every engineer, but mostly we start with an idea, sketch it out until it looks feasible, then built it to see the results. I can remember back to when I was designing the Gain Cell. The sketch took a day, the work on the bench three months. And when the bench work was done, you have something to measure and listen to, but not much else. Once approved a new phase of work begins with circuit board designs, chassis, measurements, certifications, more listening, etc. It's a long process. But it all starts on the bench. Bascom King has been hard at work on the next project, a phono preamplifier. The timing might seem odd given the fact we just shipped the BHK preamp to beta testers last month, but once Bascom turns his designs over to us he's ready to start work on the next project as our engineering team crafts his finished circuitry into a real product. I posted a picture and a short description of BHK at work on the phono preamp here. If you've ever wondered what a prototype looks like, I think you'll find this interesting.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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