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One of the reasons why we published the Audiophile's Guide discs and book is simple. Getting the system to adhere to an easy to attain standard. Standards are important for getting a system to play nice with all types of music. If you can dial in a simple recording of voice and piano, for example, then chances are excellent a full orchestra will sound right too. But it doesn't always work in reverse. In other words, if you try and use a large and complex piece of music as a standard for which you base your system on, it may not work with the simple. I am certain better minds than mine have the reasons for this figured out, but in my experience, getting a simple trio or small non-complex group to play perfectly on your system almost always insures the large and complex with be near-perfect too. Get the simple reference track dialed in and everything else will follow.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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