How to PO your spouse in one easy lesson

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How to PO your spouse in one easy lesson
How's that headline for clickbait? Not too bad, eh? :) But, I am serious. A week or so ago I visited engineer Darren Myer's house. Darren's home is an audiophile's temple. In one room is a beautiful pair of Wilsons and in the main living room a gorgeous white pair of PS Audio FR30s. Both rooms are sonic stunners. So, I am sitting in the Wilson room and Darren puts on a classic Reference Recording of Felix Hell at the pipe organ. Suddenly, as Hell's feet dance upon the instrument's pedals I find myself in the hall where it was recorded and there's so much perfect sounding bass from those massive pipes that I am stunned. "Wilson's don't have that kind of bass," say I. "I know, right?" He grins. "What the hell?" Darren tells me to turn around. Behind the couch I am sitting on, not more than a foot from my head, are pointed at me two of the biggest badass subwoofers I have ever seen. 18" Eminence low distortion, high excursion, beauties and each with its own Stellar M1200 monoblock power amplifier feeding them. Nearfield subwoofers. Subs not impacted by the room because they are not "in the room" but rather you are in the subwoofer. I am certain this sounds insane. It is insane but it works. Properly set up you don't even know there's a subwoofer present. I didn't. Those Wilsons just had bass. The damned woofers were inches from my head and I didn't even know they were there. Now, that's magic and much for this poor head of mine to digest. We shall be exploring this subject a great deal more.
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