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One of the reasons I created the Audiophile's Reference disc to accompany the Audiophile's Guide is the need for a baseline. In the past, we used our favorite music tracks for set up references. I even published a few lists of these favorites so we could all be on the same page. But being on the same page with dozens of favorite tracks is not the same as agreeing upon a carefully crafted standard. If we set up our systems based solely on our favorite music, then we have no mutually agreed upon standard. And when there are no standards, then we cannot in good faith help each other get where we want to go. By creating a carefully crafted reference we have a common baseline. Which is why on the disc there are baseline tracks for center image, small, medium, and large groups, and for measuring depth. Once a baseline is agreed upon and populated throughout the community, it becomes easy for the group to help each other. We know what to expect and we can then assist each other in achieving it. Baselines are agreed upon starting points. They are essential for communities to help each other.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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