Before taking the plunge

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Before taking the plunge

We are all different.

When I want to learn something I jump in feet first, immerse myself, learn and do everything I can so that later it becomes easy—second-hand nature.

Others ease into the learning slowly, drip by drip until it's easy.

My method works for me because I can quickly pivot if the path I am taking appears wrong. Others would be better served to take their time and make minor tweaks along the way.

However you learn the art of building a high-end music system—taking the plunge or starting small and growing over time—it's important to remember that finding a good starting point can be critical. Our lifelong opinions are shaped at the end of our learning process.

Study up before taking the plunge.

If we start off on the wrong foot, cobbling together a compromised system that misses the mark, it may take a lifetime to unravel bad habits learned.

Once formed, opinions are awfully difficult to change.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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