Feeling naked

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Feeling naked

Now there's a ghastly thought. Me. In public. Naked.

Never fear, ain't gonna happen. I haven't that big of a mean streak in me.

But as an expression, I often feel naked: without my cell phone, without my glasses, without a good way to play music.

The cell phone withdrawal is something I need to fix. It's insane that I feel such a sense of loss—nervousness—when I don't have my pacifier connection to the outside world. Heavens, what if I miss an important message or phone call? What if on a walk I stumble and cannot call for help?

Cell phone connectivity is an unjustifiable addiction I need to break.

And my glasses? Well, I've solved that with a few extra pairs judiciously scattered around the most likely places I'll need them.

But music? When the system is down for maintenance, or someone else is using it, or I am not in a place where I can access it, I feel lost. Uneasy.

That's an addiction I likely won't put any energy into breaking.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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