Barking up trees

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Barking up trees

When a hound figures he's got a critter cornered up a tree he places his front paws upon the tree's trunk and barks. Sometimes, he chooses the wrong tree or his quarry has gone to another. Which is where the old saying about looking in the wrong direction comes from.

Too often I see us trying to solve one HiFi problem, like fixing imaging or tonal balance issues, by looking in the wrong place.

We get a new piece of kit in the door, connect it up to the system and, after a reasonable burn in time, we evaluate. If the results are spot on, 'nough said. If we don't get what we expected it's typical to blame the new kit. After all, everything was just fine before the new piece went in.

Unfortunately, we're often overlooking a big gap in the process. The fact is, your system choices of cables and speaker positioning were all based on the equipment you had at the time of setup. Change the equipment and it makes sense to change the setup, yet rarely do any of us do this.

Good to remember if you're doing a lot of barking without the results you hope for, you might be at the wrong tree.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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