Almost as good

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Almost as good

My friend, Jay Jay French, sent me a link to a very expensive high-end audio brand manufacturer. In that link they were touting the wonders of their new five figure expensive DAC that is claimed to get as close as possible to achieving the wonders of vinyl.

Wait. What?

Almost as good as the technology DACs replaced (and upended) so many years ago?

I know, I know. There's a big contention of folks that cling to the notion of vinyl's superior sound. And, yes, I too hear the wonders of vinyl and always shake my head at how magical it can sound.

That said, the nature of the claim still boggles my mind.

Perhaps it might make more sense to suggest that each technology has its charms.

After all, just because you find Beef Bourguignon the best dish on the planet, doesn't mean my love of Tofu Bourguignon isn't as good.  

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Paul McGowan

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